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What factors contribute to our price calculations.

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Each project is treated individually

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The criteria for our
price calculations

We view each request individually
  • Toolmaking including data preparation
  • Thermoforming tool
  • Milling fixture
  • Materials
  • Surfaces
  • Thermoforming
  • Milling
  • Part labeling ( for example label, inkjet, laser)
  • Module assembly
  • Freight and customs documents for shipment

Would you like even further information?

Frequently asked questions and answers about plastic thermoforming costs.

The following information is needed to determine the costs:

  • 2D drawing (dxf-file or pdf-file)
  • 3D data model (stp-file or igs-file or catia-file)
  • Sample part, if 2D or 3D model is not available
  • Material, including technical requirements
  • Planned number of pieces
  • Parts list, if applicable

We will check the following items:

  • Examination of feasibility and manufacturability
  • Review and definition of the requirement profile of the module or the molded part
  • Based on the requirements, we will select and suggest suitable materials
  • Reconciliation of the planned quantities
  • Draft development of a tool

If all relevant data and the required material are available, we need 1 – 20 working days (including tooling) to manufacture the parts.

We charge setup costs per order for one item. Therefore, you are entirely flexible in the order quantity starting from 1 piece up to 1000 pieces and more.

There is only a minimum purchase quantity if the required material is available only with a particular purchase quantity.

We have years of experience assembling complex modules.

Both in the area of plastic forming as well as with metal parts.

One specialty of ours is the welding of individual plastic parts into an entire module.

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