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We manufacture molded parts for airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and suppliers.

Parts for all use cases

Molded part – backrest – airplane seat

Example CAD Modell

Guaranteed feasibility

We support you right from the development stage of your product to guarantee technical feasibility from the very beginning.

This avoids later adjustments and thus high modification costs.

Approved materials

We refine materials and produce parts approved in the aerospace industry.

If required, thermoplastic materials are finished with our SEE ME by ALDINGER INDUSTRIES method (According to FAR 25.853 a-d).

View of finished parts
Example backrest thermoforming

Weight reduction

We understand that weight reduction is of importance in aircraft construction.

Functional surfaces can reduce material thicknesses and hence support weight reduction.

High durability

Abrasion resistance and resistance to disinfectants are additional features of our surface technology.

As a result, our ALDINGER INDUSTRIES components are ideally suited for long-term use.

Airplane folding table
Example table Business Class

Selectable designs

Whether cladding elements in first, business, comfort, or economy class.

We can realize the design wishes of each customer individually.

ISO EN 9100:2018 qualified

We are ISO EN 9100:2018 qualified and listed in the OASIS database of IAGQ.

According to the American standard SAE AS 9100/9110/9120 and JISQ9100 (Japan, Asia).

Mechanic during quality control
Aldinger Photovoltaic System Roof

Eco-friendly production

To cope with the change, we greatly emphasize a more sustainable production.

For instance, we produce our electricity and recycle our waste.

Plastic components for all types of aircrafts

Vacuum forming example components for airplanes.


Sample part airplane
Fairing parts airplane

Cladding elements

We tailor our products to your needs

What you can expect from working with ALDINGER INDUSTRIES.

All-in-one solution

Assemble the finished thermoformed part into complete modules, all from one supplier.

Variety of materials

Order thermoformed parts made of plastic and modules made of metal, GFK, and much more.

Unlimited scalability

Produce without limitations: from prototypes to mass-produced parts.

High quality

Get high-quality parts thanks to decades of experience, backed up by ISO certifications.

Selectable surfaces

Obtain parts with a wide variety of surfaces and designs, according to your requirements.

Fast results

Fulfill your urgent orders in the fastest possible time.

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The technical features are:

  • Use of approved materials for the aerospace industry
  • If needed, customized use of thermoplastic materials finished with our SEE ME by ALDINGER INDUSTRIES process (According to FAR 25.853 a-d)
  • Molding areas of up to 2000 x 1100 x 620mm


The following advantages are particularly outstanding:

  • Weight savings compared to parts made of sheet metal or metal
  • Cost savings in tooling compared to injection molding
  • Favorable unit prices even for smaller quantities required
  • Fast and flexible production due to reduced set-up time for thermoforming and milling machines


Due to our innovative nature and decades of experience in thermoforming, there are almost no limits. From covers to sidewall panels, backrests, dining tables, armrests, and much more.

Whether for private jets or first, business, premium economy class, we produce thermoformed parts for all types of the aviation industry.

In coordination with the client, only materials with the highest requirements are used, such as UV resistance, chemical resistance, impact resistance, appearance, haptics, etc.

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